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Buy Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits Online

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Welcome to the bucilla cross stick kits home, your source for all Christmas Stocking Kits.

Make your own Christmas stockings with the Bucilla kits! Feel free to browse this website and discover an amazing collection of stocking kits as well as special promotion deals!

Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit – Santa and His List

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Bucilla Snowflake Snowman Christmas Stocking Kit

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Every Christmas Eve most of us, especially the children, like to hang Christmas stocking  by the fireplace and wait for Santa Claus to come and fill them up with goodies.

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All of these started a long time ago, and the story tells of three little sisters whose father lost all his fortune, living them without a penny. And it is known that in those days, a girl without dowry would be unable to get married.

So, one night, as the sisters hang their socks by the fireplace to dry, St. Nicholas passed their home riding a horse, saw their stockings hanging to dry out and threw gold coins down the chimney. The gold ended right in the girls’ socks, thus becoming the very first Christmas stocking stuffer.

Nowadays, the Christmas Stockings are filled not with golden coins, but with all kinds of toys and sweets and presents, making every child in the world jump up for joy.

So because they have become an important part of the Christmas Holiday, everyone wants to have the best and most beautiful stockings hanged by their fireplace, and one of the pleasure is making your own stockings. You can find various kits on the internet, and one option is to buy a Bucilla Christmas stocking kit and use it to make stockings for the entire family and your friends.

Here you will find a collection of some of the most beautiful and most popular bucilla needlepoint christmas stocking kits. They come with all the supplies you need to create the stocking such as felt, needles, beads, sequins etc.

Here are the most popular Bucilla Stockings Christmas kits:

Besides the most popular ones, you can find a wide collection of Bucilla stockings, such as Princess Stocking Felt Applique Kit, In The Workshop Stocking, Fishing Santa Stocking Kit, Snowman & Friends Kit, Bucilla Fireman Santa Needlepoint Kit, Dimensions Toboggan Trio Stocking Felt Applique Kit, Christmas Kitties Stockings or Nativity Baby Felt Stockings.

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About Christmas Stockings

Bucilla needle crafts have been, for over one hundred years now, a very respected and cherished tradition of the Christmas holiday for millions of people and families around the globe. Whether you are looking for stockings, tree skirts, door & wall hangings pr other handmade items, these items have been passed from generation to generation to bring you special memories every Christmas holiday season, and will definitely make your Christmas a special one.

There are so many models to choose from, like dog Christmas stocking kits, Disney Christmas stocking kits or other felt Christmas stocking kits available online. They are all beautiful and you need to know which one you want, because some of them are more expensive than others. For a handmade Christmas stocking kit you may pay more than you would usually pay for needlepoint Christmas stocking kits.

But nothing compares to Bucilla Christmas kits! You won’t find such details and designs anywhere else. You should buy your Bucilla Christmas stoking kits now, or you will discover that they are all sold out! Visit Amazon.com now and get yours today!