Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stocking Kit, Snowflake Snuggle

While the Christmas season may mean opening of presents, making a snowman or singing Christmas carols, we shouldn’t forget the most important thing about it-Christmas is a time of sharing and being with your family and the people you love.

Snowflake Snuggle Bucilla Kit

Bucilla Snowflake Snuggle Stocking Kit

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The Bucilla Snowflake Snuggle Christmas stocking kit shows just that, which is why it makes a great choice of a stocking to hang from your fireplace mantel. After all, Christmas won’t feel like Christmas when you don’t share it with the people you most care about. The beautiful, detailed design and generous embellishments of the Snowflake Snuggle stocking kit instantly makes it a perfect centerpiece amidst your holiday home decorations.

This Christmas stocking kit is a good choice to give your loved ones on Christmas, no matter what age. You can even add your personal touch and own flair to it to make it even more special. Beginners and experienced crafters alike will enjoy making this stocking because the kit provides easy to follow instructions as well as a colored picture of the finished product to use as a guide in the sewing process.

In the kit you will also find all the materials you’re going to need to finish the stocking-beads, needles, embroidery floss and stamped felt. There’s no need for you to purchase any additional materials.

A happy customer who bought the Bucilla Snowflake Snuggle Christmas stocking kit said that even though she wasn’t a crafty person and has little experience in embroidery, she didn’t have a problem completing the stocking thanks to the detailed step by step instructions provided in the kit

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