Bucilla 18-Inch Tree Shopping Christmas Stocking Kit

The holidays bring about plenty of memorable family activities such as decorating your home, eating a meal together or singing Christmas carols. But for the more adventurous, fun family activities include ice skating, skiing or even tree shopping.

No matter what family activity it may be, won’t you just love to have something to remind you of those wonderful times? If so, Bucilla Christmas stocking kits are just the thing you’re looking for. And this particular design which is the Tree Shopping stocking kit would do just the trick. Hang it from your fireplace mantel and it will surely add beauty to the rest of your holiday decorations.

tree shopping kit

Bucilla Tree Shopping Stocking Kit

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This Christmas stocking kit has generous embellishments and a beautiful, detailed design, that’s why it would make a lovely gift to anyone you care about, regardless of age. You don’t have to spend more money to buy additional materials because the kit provides everything you need-complete with needles, beads, stamped felt and embroidery floss. The kit also has easy to follow instructions including a colored picture of the finished kit so that even beginners can craft this stocking beautifully without problems. The best thing about it is that you can personalize the design to make even a more unique gift to your loved ones.

According to a customer who bought the Tree Shopping Christmas stocking kit, the instructions were both concise and clear so she had no problem finishing the project. She also added that the stocking looks absolutely gorgeous once completed.

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