Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit, Baby’s 1st Christmas

Nothing can compare to a parent or a grandparent’s joy when there’s a new addition to their family. A baby is indeed a blessing to everyone where a life full of firsts begins– first grip, first smile and first words. All are exciting to witness but nothing is more special than a baby’s 1st Christmas. Sure, pictures can immortalize the joyous moment but a special gift that will last for years will make the event even more memorable. That is when the Bucilla Baby’s 1st Christmas stocking kit comes in – the beautiful, detailed design and generous embellishments is just perfect for the occasion.


Bucilla Baby’s 1st Christmas Stocking Kit

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Not only will it look stunning hanging from your fireplace mantel or from your door during the holidays, but it also makes a perfect gift for a newborn in the family or someone who has a baby celebrating Christmas for the first time. You can even personalize it to make it even more one-of-a-kind.

This 18-inch felt appliqué stocking kit is easy to assemble with all the materials you need already provided like stamped felt, embroidery floss, beads and needles.

It also comes with an easy step-by-step instructions to make crafting easy even for a first-timer.

A customer who purchased the Bucilla Baby’s 1st kit proudly stated that this stocking is absolutely precious. She lovingly crafted this stocking for her first grandchild and she knows that her gift will remain a keepsake forever.

Bucilla stockings are known for their beauty and quality, so if you want something that will last for a long time, this is the way to go.

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