Bucilla Giveaway Contest – Christmas Special

December is all about entering the holiday spirit, giving away gifts and presents and making those that matter to you happy.

And because all our fans are important to us and we love them each and everyone equally, we decided to hold another contest, a second giveaway contest, a special Christmas edition! Because you deserve it and you really wanted for this to happen, as you showed on our facebook fan page. Thank you all of those who liked our post and left a comment.

christmas-special-giveaway-contestBy entering this contest you will have the chance to win one of our beautiful Christmas stocking kits that you can enjoy for years to come.

Even though many of our fans like our fan page and this website just as it is, a few of them suggested that we should change our motto, change out tagline to something more catchy, more appropiate to the Bucilla brand. After all, Bucilla has the best designs when it comes to Christmas stockings, tree skirts and other Christmas ornaments so it needs something to really make it justice

That’s where you come in.

For this Bucilla Giveaway Contest this is what you have to do:

Think of a great motto for our Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits site that you think will stand out and will give the Bucilla brand the honor it deserves.

Don’t make it too long. The motto should be around 10 words long but no more than 15 words long. Let your imagination go wild and come up with a great tagline/motto.

When you think you have something you are happy with, simply leave a comment below in the comments section and tell us your idea.

The person who comes up with the best motto will win the First prize – a beautiful Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit.


The contest will run this entire week and it will be closed on Christmas Eve at 20:00. That’s Saturday, December 24th 2011.

After that date the comments section will be closed and you won’t be able to leave any more comments. So make sure you send us your motto before Christmas Eve.


Good Luck To All and…

Merry Christmas!

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  • Quality kits designed with love to make the holidays special for a lifetime

  • Bucilla Stockings … not just a decoration, but a tradition…..made with love.

  • I think the motto should be, “Keep your Ho-Ho Holidays Heart-felt and Handmade with Bucilla Stocking Kits.”

  • Bucilla Christmas Stockings:
    Stitch Christmas Memories that last a Lifetime

  • Handmade holiday spirit! Bucilla lets you put in the effort then you fill it!

  • For the contest:

    fun tradition for your love ones to have a lifetime

  • My wife and I just welcomed our first child this summer and it’s his first Christmas. My wife decided to make a Bucilla stocking and has enjoyed making it, being the crafty woman that she is. She has decided to make one for me and one for herself, as well as any future family members.
    The motto I suggest is:
    “Family Traditions Begin with Bucilla”
    Charles S.

  • Motto: “Heartfelt and Handmade Memories to last for Generations.”

  • Great traditions for all generations! What a great way to express your love.

  • “Bucilla Stockings, Making Beautiful Memories that last a Lifetime”

  • When you make and give a Bucilla Stocking you are giving the gift of love.

  • The many meanings of Bucilla: beauty, whimsy, sparkle, quality, tradition!

  • Bucilla, handmade stockings from the heart,
    Handmade, high quality , home is where the heart is!

  • Making Christmas memories that generations have enjoyed & continue to love and cherish

  • CHristmas stockings handmade with enough love to hold a lifetime of memories.

    (Edited version of above comment!)

  • Celebrate your family at Christmas with Bucilla.

  • Handmade heirlooms that continue to bring the holiday spirit year after year!

  • It’s not Christmas without the Bucilla Stockings.

  • When you hang a handmade Bucilla stocking, you hang a work of Art.

  • Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits. So beautiful only Santa is worthy of filling them.

  • Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits- make for them a gift to last a lifetime.

  • “Hang a memory with Bucilla”
    “Hang on to a memory with Bucilla”

  • Buy Bucilla and you buy the best.

  • I love your kits so much and I will be hppy to win :-)

  • My wife and I have made 9 of these and counting. We can’t put names on them because the whole family claims their favorites. They’re the first to come out at Christmas and last to get packed. Usually around March :).


    Discover the simple art of creating lasting memories and heirlooms

  • Bucilla Stitches Life into Christmas spirit creating lifelong traditions and treasured memories

  • Bucilla makes Christmas brighter and Happier for today and tomorrow!

  • I was just now searching for applique and when I saw your stockings I was amazed. They are so very beautiful. I am in love with everything you do .

    so i would say : ” Bucilla Stockings, making beautiful art for your home at Christmas time.”

  • They are unique, handmade, and beautiful… They are Bucilla Stocking Kits.

  • Bucilla stockings fill your Christmas with a little sprinkle of sparkle.

  • You have magnificent kits of ornaments that turn us back in time, in childhood, when Christmas was a bit more magical.. thanks for all of you!
    So i wish to all in Bucilla´s the same special X´mas that you offer to us.. Santa´s bringing love… and stockings as gift!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Stitching hearts together from generation to generation!

  • Bucilla-Making memories that last more than a lifetine.

    I made my daughter one for her 1st birthday, and her husband one for their first Christmas together. He had never had a stocking before. I plan to make one for my grandchildren when they start arriving.

  • Christmas tradition made with 100% pure love.

  • Bucilla…not just a stocking, a wonderfully cherished memory year after year.

  • Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits: Bringing heartfelt cheer throughout the year!

  • Bucilla Stockings – the handmade gift of love!

  • Bucilla Christmas Stockings, Handmade with Love , Holiday Treasures lasting a Lifetime!

  • Enchanting Christmas for years to come…

  • Bucilla Stockings – handcrafted with love to last a lifetime

  • Bucilla Stockings Stitching memories and traditions into families that last a lifetime

  • Bucilla Stockings, not just beautiful and fun, but an heirloom that lasts generations.

  • Bucilla….stitched with a legacy of love!

  • Santa loves to fill a Bucilla

  • On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
    a handmade Bucilla stocking!!!!

  • Bucilla stocking more than memories, sharing love that lasts for generations.

  • Bucilla Stockings are what bring christmas alive to those whose believe.

  • Bucilla and Love – together we create memories that last a lifetime and a tradition that continues through generations….

  • Bucilla, the collectionists’ true Christmas decorations.

  • Enjoy and cherish your Christmas time with Bucilla.

  • The ultimate portal for the original Christmas Stocking kits.

  • BUCILLA Stockings shine when it’s Christmas time!

  • Bucilla is the best for christmas It is a tradition made with love for all family.

  • BUCILLA stocking shine at Christmas time!

  • Bucilla Stocking Kits: The Spirit of Christmas in Every Stitch!