Bucilla Pirate Santa Christmas Stocking Kit

When it comes to decorating our homes during the holiday season, we are used to using only what is in tradition. We’re used to seeing plenty of Santa Claus images, usually in his usual ted and white suit. But now that we live in modern times, we could add a little spice to our Christmas decorations and that spice you need is the Bucilla Pirate Santa Christmas stocking kit.

Bucilla Pirate Santa Christmas Stocking Kit



This adorable stocking features the loveable Santa Claus in a fun pirate outfit – perfect to use as a centerpiece in your home Christmas decorations, no matter what theme.

Like any Bucilla stocking, this 18-inch felt appliqué stocking kit is beautifully designed and generously embellished which makes it a perfect gift for your cherished family members and friends for Christmas. You can even add your own flavor by personalizing it.

Even if it’s your first time to craft a stocking, this kit would be a perfect choice for you as it provides detailed, easy to follow instructions along with a colored guide of the finished product for easy crafting. You also don’t need to purchase any additional materials to assemble this beauty because everything you need such as stamped felt, embroidery floss, beads and needles are also provided for in this kit.

According to a customer who purchased the Bucilla Pirate Santa stocking kit, she loves making these kits for her family members because aside from being really cute, they are actually functional.

So if you want something unique this year, purchase the Bucilla Pirate Santa stocking kit and you won’t regret it.

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