Win A Free Bucilla Stocking Kit In Our Monthly Contest

I know you’ve been waiting for this all summer!

A new season of contests is beginning right now and since you are reading this post that means you are one of the lucky ones.

You have the chance to win one of the beautiful Bucilla Christmas stocking kits.

For the last two months those who visited this website had the opportunity to vote which Bucilla felt kit they would like to win in our contest, and even though the results were really close, the most voted item was the Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stocking Felt Applique Kit, Tree Shopping.

Ok, let’s get down to business and get this contest started.

What do YOU have to do to enter the contest!

It is simple, lots of fun and it takes just a bit of effort from your part.

What you have to do is spread the word about these great Bucilla felt kits and how everyone can get their hands on them via our website.

Send an email to your friends, family members, your work colleagues and anyone you think might enjoy hearing about these wonderful Christmas Kits. Now is your chance to tell them how many you made and why do you like Bucilla so much. Brag a little bit, let the world know your passion (if they don;t know it already)

Make sure you include in your mail this link: so others can enjoy the designs and patterns of Bucilla tree skirts.

A simple way to include the link would be:

“Head on over to and discover a large collection of Bucilla felt kits, tree skirts and Christmas stockings just waiting for you to grab them.”


Next, just leave a comment in the comments section below where you post the text you used in your email


You can post this on your facebook wall as well… and you can include the link to your facebook wall post in the comment below, so others can see it too.

If your comment is chosen as the best one, you will win the beautiful Christmas stocking

Bucilla 18-Inch Christmas Stocking Felt Applique Kit, Tree Shopping.

 The contest will run this entire week and it will end on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 23:59.

After that date, the comments section will be closed and you won’t be able to leave any more comments.

So, as you can see.. it is not complicated at all… Just send an email to your loved ones, friends, colleagues…hey.. even people yo don’t know (don;t spam, please :) ) tell them about Bucilla kits, make sure you include this link in your message :… and then come back to this page and leave a comment below where you put in your message used in the emails you sent and also the link to the social media site where you posted your message (if you posted this on facebook).

The comment that will be chosen as the best one will be the winner and the person who left it will receive the Bucilla Tree Shopping Stocking Kit straight to her/his door

So, don’t forget to submit your entries in the comments section below before Midnight on Wednesday, September 28th!

Wish You Good Luck!


PS: Follow the instruction above then add your comments below…


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  • “Head on over to and discover a large collection of Bucilla felt kits, tree skirts and Christmas stockings just waiting for you to grab them.”

  • Here is my post of facebook. Hope I will. I would love one for my new grandaughter

    I love Bucilla Christmas stockings. I have made one for every member of my family and I am in the process of making one for my nephew, niece & 2 grandaughters. I love putting up all our stockings every year. My youngest grandaughter is very special to me even though I haven’t met her yet because she is named after me. I need to get a stocking for her but I will have fun shopping for it & putting it together. I would love to win one from the site below.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stocking kits! I love doing then, knowing that these stockings will be passed down from generation to generation!

  • The selections are extendsive and I particulary like all the Bucilla Christmas felt stockings. Makes me want to get started on some new ones. I have 20 grandchildren and have done 18 of them by Bucilla and it never fails to bring ahs & ohs when I put them out at Christmas. Thank you to the Bucilla Company for all the new ideas they come up with.

  • You will definitly be inspired when you look at the selection of felt Bucilla stockings along with all the other items listed. They will sdurely be something you can do as a keepsake for your child or grandchildren. I have been doing them for many years and still get so excited to finish & see the result. The sparkle in the recipidents eyes are priceless!!

  • t’s that time again…time for me to get my youngest kids’ stocking made. Check out the link to all the fancy stockings I get to pick from!
    How grateful I am that I can continue a tradition from you Mom. I still use mine to this day when we pull the stockings out and everyone is so impressed that it has held up for as many years as it has!

  • I have made over ten of these for my grandchildren and they love them.
    It is a nice keepsake that can be passed down for generations.
    Go to and see all of the different kits that you can purchase for your loved ones.

  • I love these kits. I have been making them for 32 years. I just made another one for my daughter and we are going to put her original one in a case to save. I also just finished one for my new
    6 week old granddaughter. My tree is full of the bucillia ornagments. Definetly head over to You will love them all.

  • Carrie McGuigan
    These stockings are a tradition for me I have made so many over the years that all my close famliy has one. They are so fun and easy to make even if you have never done much sewing. The directions take you step by step all the way.
    This is my face book pot when I shared the link.

    Here is the email I sent to over 25 of my friends and family.

    Dear family and friends,
    Many of you know that for years now I have made the felt stockings for many of you and have lovingly put my time into each one. There are no better kits then those by bucilla. Won’t you please check out their website at the following link so you can see where I have gotten all my my wonderful kits?

    I am hoping to win the giveaway they are having so I can continue this wonderful tradition I began over 20 years ago. I have already gotten some kits to save for when the day comes I become a granny. And I am currently working on updating ones for the children who are now teens.

    Hugs a love to you all


  • Snowflakes falling, Scent of evergreen, Cookies baking, Presents wrapped and Beautiful Bucilla Christmas stockings hung waiting to be filled. Make Bucilla Christmas stockings part of your family tradition. My aunt made them for my children and now I am passing on the tradition and making them for my grandchildren. They are the most beautiful stockings I have ever seen.

  • Bucilla Christmas Stockings and Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits also shared a link.

    Win A Free Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kit, Bucilla Contest
    Enter our contest and get the chance to win a free Bucilla Christmas stocking kit, tree skirt kit, felt kit or cross stitch kit. Hurry!
    Share · 13 minutes ago

    Carrie McGuigan
    These stockings are a tradition for me I have made so many over the years that all my close famliy has one. They are so fun and easy to make even if you have never done much sewing. The directions take you step by step all the way.

    This was my face book post.

    My email to friends and family:

    Dear loved ones,

    For many years now most have you have been gifted with one of my felt stockings. These stockings are from the most wonderful creative company and I have never had more fun or been more relaxed then when i am sitting each evening and stitching on a stocking for those who mean the world to me. Even to those of you I know who are not much for sewing I think you will find them very easy and the directions are step by step so you can’t go wrong. The selection is outstanding. Please check them out for me at

  • Although I had not sent a url along with my 1st 2 cimments, I cannot express how much I love the Bucilla kits and the grandkids (20) love them and can’t wait for them tobe hung up each year.

  • Since I discovered the wonderful world of Bucilla, my life has changed completly. Now retired, I am totally addicted to the craft of felt Christmas stockings, just sitting, engrossed in my own little piece of paradise, making these heirloom pieces for generations to come.

  • Bucilla stockings make wonderful memories! My grandmother made these stockings for my brothers and I when we were kids. This year my husband, son, and I are celebrating our own first family Christmas. I am caring on the family tradition with making stockings for my husband and son. Visit and look at the large collection of kits to make your Christmas a memorable one!

  • I heard about these beautiful stocking kits from my fried Carrie. It would be wonderful to win one to make for my husband, he has the oldest and sadest stocking, every year I mean to buy him a new one.

  • love Bucilla products are beautiful, fabulous, easy to perform, fine materials unique designs. I publish your page on these forums
    plus I’m saving to buy a kit
    by judit

  • I would love to win a kit for Christmas … Bucilla love are the best

  • I like Bucilla . I love Chritsmas. All felt stockings are beautiful

  • I love Bucilla’s products. They are wonderful. I have made Bucilla’s Christmas kits since about 20 years ago. I still made them since they remind me the unforgettable time when my two doughters were child.I allways enjoy while I make these kits. I feel useful doing them. I encourage you to watch these Christmas kits. Just visit and enjoy yourself.